With Prop 57, our youth are now protected from being tried as adults, and nonviolent offenders are getting a 2nd chance.

California’s criminal justice system is broken and unfair. People in our communities are more likely to be unjustly arrested and slapped with long prison sentences for minor crimes. This is unfair,
tears apart families, and increases prison costs. We need to invest in schools, job training and rehabilitation programs that prevent crime. With a second chance, many can turn their lives around.

In recent years, Californians have voted to prioritize rehabilitation and education over “lock ‘em up and throw away the key” sentencing practices. Prop 57 is another step forward, allowing non-violent offenders to be eligible for parole after completing the first full term of their sentence if they demonstrate good behavior and complete education programs. Proposition 57 also protects people as young as 14, from being tried as adults by requiring judges to carefully review all of the circumstances of their life before making a decision on whether they should be charged as an adult.

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